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Thursday, April 7

SCOR Weekly Newsletter

Students of Color of Rackham Newsletter
Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Let SCOR Take Care of You!
While we can’t promise that Rihanna/Drake type of love, on Friday, April 8th SCOR wants to “Take Care of You” with an evening of Self-Care at Munger. The following week we have two co-sponsored events so we also hope to see you at the recording of the Another Round Podcast on Thursday, April 14th and the Screening and Dinner/Discussion of the film “Same Difference” on Friday, April 15th. Finally, we will close out April with our 3rd Annual End of the Year Bar Crawl (more information below). In addition, as we transition from one year to the next we look forward to introducing you to members of our new SCOR e-Board, and we hope that you as members will embrace and support them as well. Hope to see you on Friday and Don’t forget to share these many events with your friends, departments, and social networks!

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SCOR 2015-16: A Year In Transition
Greetings SCOR members!
I know many of you already know the news, but I remain honored to announce that I will be the President of SCOR for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year!
It has been such a privilege to work alongside current SCOR President Channing Mathews and our amazing Executive Board this year, and I look forward to working with both new and familiar faces in next year’s Board. I am also humbled by the trust each of you have placed in me to help carry on SCOR's tradition of important and impactful work. SCOR is a critical space for self-expression, community building, and activism, and next year we hope to continue to foster such a space for all graduate students at U of M.
This year, SCOR sought to provide social and social justice events to the student body, engage in thoughtful community outreach, and create networking opportunities for graduate students and alums of U of M. We’ve done our best to reach these goals through a litany of creative and thought-provoking events, while still managing to be entertaining and relevant to our diverse student body. For next year, I can’t wait to reach out to the student body and work with the incoming E-Board to generate ideas on keeping this momentum going and fueling the fires of excitement we started this year.
Lastly, I’ve been asked a number of times what made me decide to pursue this position. As those of you who attended the latest SCOR Gala already know, it began at last year’s SCOR symposium. Before U of M, I was almost always the only person of color in my professional settings. While I was constantly frustrated by this lack of diversity, I had trouble figuring out how I could make any substantive change. It was not until I attended SCOR’s 25th Annual Diversity and Social Justice Symposium and saw the Rackham building packed full of scholars of color and allies that I realized how progress could be made.
The first step in making change is showing up. Activism is an incredibly exhausting and frustrating experience, especially when you are expected to carry out this work on top of your classes, teaching, research, and (dare I say it) self-care. Still, in choosing to show up and do the work despite your exhaustion and full schedule, you are showing people like my past self – people who may not know where to begin – that it all starts by making your presence known. SCOR is here. SCOR is dedicated. SCOR will carry on its mission for ourselves, for those who inspired us, and for those who will be inspired by us. So please remember to show up and engage in some much needed Self-Care at the SCOR Takes Care of You Event this Friday, April 8th from 5:30-8:30pm in Munger Graduate Residences.

Until next time!
Michael Medina
2015-16 SCOR Treasurer, 2016-17 SCOR President

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April Self Care (2).jpg
    • Please enter Munger from the front door using your M Card (non resident grad students have access this way).
    • Come enjoy a chance to spend time with your SCOR fam and engage with 'self care stations' including yoga, mindfulness meditation, crafting, henna and more! We will also facilitate open mic storytelling, and performance (spoken word, song, dance, etc) - so if you are interested in that please RSVP using the link!
    • Light refreshments will be served. Bring your friends and do you - no one is required to participate in every component offered in this event. We look forward to seeing you!
    • If you plan to take part in yoga, feel free to bring a yoga mat and make sure you dress accordingly.
    • Continuing our end of year tradition, we hope that you can join SCOR for the 3rd annual End of the Year Bar Crawl. During this event we will make our way from downtown Ann Arbor to central/south campus while stopping at a variety of bars and restaurants. Light Refreshments will be provided and water will be available in abundance, so mark your calendars and prepare your body for this exciting event.
    • Follow social media and the website for more information and an event flyer

Below are the upcoming events and opportunities around Ann Arbor that you might be interested in for April. If an event interests you, just click on the link for more information!

Upcoming Conferences and Co-Sponsored Events
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Messages from Michigan:
Other events & opportunities on campus:
Prospective Events & opportunities in Ann Arbor:

Thanks Again for Reading and Hope You Join us For Some Much Needed Self-Care on Friday, 5:30pm, at Munger!