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Tuesday, September 1

[SEATS AVAILABLE] AAS 615/ANTH 612 – Fall 2015

AAS 615/ANTH 612 – Fall 2015


The discipline of anthropology owes much of its foundational knowledge and paradigms

to studies in African ethnology. Yet what has anthropology contributed in turn to the

field of African Studies? How have anthropologists approached contemporary problems

affecting the continent, problems that normally fall within the interpretative domains of

law, political science, and economics, such as: human rights; neoliberal reform;

corruption; the nature of state power; the role of civil society and NGOs; disputes over

land and other natural resources; urbanization and migrancy; the continued salience of

witchcraft; and the effects of violent conflict or epidemics?

In this seminar, we will read and analyze recent works by anthropologists and

ethnologically-leaning scholars. We will select our readings collectively, tailoring the

seminar to the interests of those taking it. Additionally, since our seminar overlaps in

meeting time with the Africa Workshop and the Africa History and

Anthropology Workshop (AHAW) series, on certain weeks we will incorporate those

lectures into our seminar.