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Wednesday, August 2

SAVE THE DATE: Jaffe Symposium on Security and Scarcity, Oct 5-6

How does early-life adversity (or stimulation) influence later health and decision making
Do people make different life choices in resource-rich or resource-poor environments?
Did humans evolve to seek security through their relationships and environment?

If such questions intrigue youSAVE THE DATE for:
The University of Michigan's
Jaffe Symposium on Security and Scarcity
Oct 5-6 (Thu-Fri), 2017
There will be an opening reception and keynote lecture by Dr. Nathan Fox on Thursday evening, Oct 5th, to be followed by a day of short, exciting TED-style talks with ample discussion and networking time on Friday, Oct 6th. More details on the schedule and location will follow shortly.

UM students wishing to present related research on this topic in a poster session, please email jaffesymposium@umich.edu.

Faculty and students may also present related work during the linked theme semester of the Decision Consortium this fall by emailing prestos@umich.edu.

Keynote for Thursday evening, Oct 5th:
Dr. Nathan Fox, University of Maryland

Speakers for Friday, October 6th:
·      Dr. Beth Archie, University of Notre Dame
·      Dr. Chris Fraley, University of Illinois     
·      Dr. Steven Gangestad, University of New Mexico
·      Dr. Sarah E. Hill, Texas Christian University
·      Dr. Katie Hinde, Arizona State University
·      Dr. Robin Nelson, Santa Clara University
·      Dr. Mike Norton, Harvard Business School

This symposium is sponsored by a generous gift from Martin D. Jaffe, M.D. and the Evolution and Human Adaptation Program (EHAP).

Stay tuned for more information!

Best Regards,
The Jaffe Symposium Committee (jaffesymposium@umich.edu)
Josh Ackermann
Jacinta Beehner
Thore Bergman
Daniel Kruger
Stephanie Preston
Brenda Volling