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Wednesday, July 26

Abstract & Travel Award Submission for Three Rivers Evolution Event ends 8/1

Thanks to funding from SMBE, we are now offering small (up to $200) travel awards to facilitate attendance by those with limited travel resources.

We have therefore extended the abstract submission deadline for the Three Rivers Evolution Event (TREE) to midnight August 1st (EST). Please register, submit abstracts, and apply for awards here: https://sites.google.com/view/tree2017

Already registered? You may revise your information until the August 1st deadline, using the link provided on your initial registration, or use the registration link to apply for awards only by selecting ‘yes’ on the questions about having previously registered and submitted an abstract.

What is TREE?

The Three Rivers Evolution Event (TREE) is a conference sponsored by SMBE and ASN that aims to bring together researchers from Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to share and discuss research in all aspects of evolutionary biology. The research of attending members is expected to span viruses, microbes, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates, and include ecology, anthropology, epidemiology, developmental biology, zoology, theoretical, applied, urban ecology, paleontology, and many other specialized research areas. Researchers of all stages, institutional affiliations, and related fields (including ecologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, and similar fields) are welcome to present. We are excited at the diversity of current registrants, which as of this writing includes 104 scientists from 33 institutions, and 71 submitted abstracts!

When and Where: Saturday, September 9th, 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh.

The TREE organizing committee
Sebastian Echeverri
Dr. Wynn Meyer
Melissa Plakke
Dr. Avery Russell
Dr. Martin Turcotte
Dr. Caroline Turner

Contact us at biotree2017@gmail.com