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Friday, May 19

Wolverine Pathways

Hi all,

Wolverine Pathways (WP) is a program for middle and high school students from the communities of Detroit, Southfield, and Ypsilanti in Southeast MI. Wolverine Pathways provides learning experiences that will help students succeed in school, college, and future careers, and is one of Michigan’s featured Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Students who complete the program and are admitted to the University of Michigan receive a full four-year tuition scholarship to Michigan.

This summer, we are developing and leading an activity for rising seniors in the WP program. Our activity is called “Prove it! How to find and use data to answer questions you care about”. The goal of Prove It is to teach students how to:
  • identify questions of interest,
  • refine those questions into something that can be addressed with data,
  • access and work with reliable sources of data,
  • draw conclusions from data, and
  • present their findings in an accessible, engaging manner.
These are important skills for being an informed citizen, but are also skills that will be particularly relevant to rising seniors in the Wolverine Pathways program. As seniors, Wolverine Pathways scholars will complete a senior capstone project; for many of them, this will involve working with data, and our goal is to help them develop the skills needed to do so. This will be student-centered learning, with WP students determining what question they work on and the instructors facilitating that work. We have a team of instructors who will be in the classroom full time, but we are looking for additional graduate student assistants who can work with the students, to guide them as they develop and refine their questions, work with data, and plan to present their results.

That's where you come in: we are looking for 9 graduate students who can assist with this activity. If you think you might be interested, please read more in this google document. (Anyone logged in to their UMich account should have access.) Note that students will be paid according to the UMich hourly pay scale for graduate students.

Applications are due by 5PM on May 31st. This link will take you directly to the application form. You should receive a copy of your responses by email. If you don't receive that or if you have any problems with the form, please send me an email.

Please forward this application on to others who might be interested! They do not need to be in EEB to participate. Interested undergraduates are also invited to apply. 

Meghan Duffy