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Wednesday, May 10

UA Post-doc position in Public Policy

Dear colleagues 

We are searching for 3-4 postdocs to join a new interdisciplinary program in biodiversity science that we are starting at the University of Arizona. 

Please pass along to anyone who may be interested in applying



The University of Arizona Office of Research, Discovery and Innovation, in collaboration with the Institute of the Environment and the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, invites applications for 3-4 two-year research appointments in the recently established postdoctoral cluster hire, Forecasting  Biodiversity and Conservation Science.
The program seeks researchers who have (i) an ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and create novel synthetic research, and (ii) creative insight in biodiversity and conservation science and expertise or interest in an additional targeted research area, specifically public health, epidemiology and emerging diseases; public policy, public administration, and governance; national security; or informatics.
These positions will link a team of core faculty, steering committee members, and other affiliated researchers that identified (through a series of workshops in 2016) several cross-cutting research projects that use biodiversity as a focal point for interdisciplinary investigation in public health, governance, informatics, and security.
The scientific goal of the program is to build a more robust and predictive biodiversity and conservation science and to address emerging, critical issues in human health and well-being, and in environmental, food, and national security.