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Friday, May 5

Sunseed Farm

Hi everyone,
Sunseed Farm, just outside Ann Arbor, will deliver weekly shares of their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to our building if we can get interest in 5 shares.
They follow all the organic principles. You can read more on their website and you can choose a 1/2 share or to split shares with someone based on your needs.
The veggies are top quality (I split a 1/2 share with a friend and have discovered many new favorites). There are flyers on the admin front desk and posted around. You can read more on their website: Sunseed Farm.
If you're interested, please let me or Carol know and we'll keep track -- if we get to 5 shares, we'll let you know to go ahead and purchase your share so that they can arrange delivery.
Thanks, let Tomm or Trilby (owners of Sunseed) know if you have any questions.


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