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Friday, May 26

Midwest PopGen Meeting at MSU: Aug4-5

From: Gideon Bradburd <bradburd@msu.edu>
Subject: Midwest PopGen Meeting at MSU: Aug4-5
Date: May 25, 2017 at 3:09:16 PM EDT

Dear Colleagues and previous MWPG-ers,

I'm excited to announce that this summer, the annual Midwest Population Genetics Meeting will be coming to MSU!

The meeting, which is geared toward fostering community and collaboration in the Midwestern population genetics community, will take place over two days on MSU campus from August 4th-5th.  The meeting will begin Friday at noon and continue to Saturday evening with a dinner on Friday evening.

Approximately fifteen 25-minute talks will be selected from submitted abstracts, and there will be a poster session. The meeting will be trainee-oriented, so students and postdocs are especially encouraged to present their work.  There will be prizes awarded for best poster and best talk given by a student and postdoc.

Registration is free, but please RSVP as soon as possible, preferably by June 21st by adding your name and information to the registration list.  If you would like to give an oral presentation, submit your abstracts by June 21st to Anna Di Rienzo <dirienzo at bsd dot uchicago dot edu>. Submitters will be notified if their abstract is chosen for a talk by July 1st.  If you would like to present a poster, you don't need to submit an abstract, just sign up with your name and a tentative title on the registration page. Please continue to check the registration GoogleSheet for further details about accommodations, location, and time.

We hope you can make it and that we can continue this meeting for the population geneticists in our region!


Gideon Bradburd
Dept. Integrative Biology
Michigan State University