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Wednesday, May 10

MEEC 2018

MEEC 2017 meec2017@gmail.com

3:09 PM (19 minutes ago)
to bcc: eeb-webinfo
Please forward the following message to all graduate students in ecology, evolutionary biology, and related fields at your institution.


The Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference is a graduate student run conference in early spring, hosted at different Midwestern academic institutions each year. Your institution could host next year’s MEEC meeting!

If you are interested in organizing MEEC 2018, please consult with other graduate students and faculty members in your program and submit the following information to meec2017@gmail.com as soon as possible:
1) List of co-chairs who would organize the event
2) Name of sponsoring programs at your institution
3) Short description of your institution's capacity to host MEEC (potential meeting space, funding, etc.)
4) Names of faculty members who support hosting MEEC at your institution
Please write to meec2017@gmail.com with any questions you have and submit your bid to host ASAP!  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to showcase your school and contribute to the MEEC community!
MEEC 2017 Organizers
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