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Monday, March 6

The EEB Social Committee invites all EEB members and friends to join us for a sociable event at our wonderful Museums Research Center...

Tea and Biscuits (tea, coffee, and sweet things) at the
Museums Research Center & Herbarium

Tuesday, March 14 ~3-5 PM

Come and end the work-day or start the work evening with an afternoon tea!
Spend some time with our students, researchers, faculty and staff who are located on varsity drive!

LOCATION: 3600 Varsity Drive https://campusinfo.umich.edu/campusmap/533
We will be in the social area attached to the administrative suite.

Who is invited? Anyone in EEB who likes afternoon tea (or coffee or sweet things)

All are encouraged to bring their own tea or coffee cups to conserve natural resources, but we will have some there.

Parking: There is plenty of yellow, blue, and pay parking available (no orange). If you ask, museums and herbarium folks can tell you about other potential parking options. There is no useful bus, unfortunately.

University-funded Cab Service: We will call the cabs TO THE EVENT for folks who RSVP and will combine rides to save fossil fuel.
Please plan to call your own cab to get back to central campus; please try to combine rides if possible to minimize fossil fuel usage.
Varsity Drive Transportation - Green Cab.jpg