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Tuesday, March 28

post-doc and PhD fellowships

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am currently seeking applicants for both a postdoctoral fellow (three-year position) and a PhD student (three-year fellowship) to workin my research group at the University of Canterbury (NZ). The primary focus of both positions is to conduct research on projects related to non-additive, higher-order competition between plants, species coexistence, and analysis of plant-community datasets.

If you know of suitable candidates for either (or both!) positions or know of regional mailing lists that I have unlikely tapped into, I would be extremely grateful if you could pass this information along.

Specific details about the postdoctoral position can be found at http://stoufferlab.org/opportunities/postdoc.

Specific details about the PhD position can be found at 

Many thanks in advance for your help,

- Daniel