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Monday, March 13


The M-Sci program is looking for GSIs for the gateway science course this summer.  M-Sci is the LSA component of the M-STEM Academies, which are designed to increase the diversity and numbers of graduates in STEM disciplines at UM; we partner with a parallel program in Engineering.  M-Sci includes a pre-freshman summer “boot camp” for students admitted to UM, in which the students take several courses for credit, including the gateway science course, and then academic coaching and additional programming during their first two years of college.  

The gateway course focuses on a single theme (Great Lakes environmental issues), around which we introduce many basic concepts of science and math, e.g., in statistics, fluid dynamics, water chemistry, microbiology, ecology.  The course also includes two weeks of group research projects.  The GSI  position is 75% for two months, although the actual class time runs from June 29 through August 3, four days a week, 3.5 hours a day.

To apply, posting # 136890 is listed at http://careers.umich.edu/.  I'm also happy to meet with anyone who is interested in learning more.