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Monday, March 13

June 5-27, 2017
Expanded Complexity and Data Analytics Summer Courses

The early registration deadline has been extended to April 1

The NECSI Summer School offers three intensive week-long courses on complexity science, modeling and networks, and data analytics. The new expanded format is modular with second and third weeks building on material covered in previous weeks, but none are a prerequisite for the others. You may register for any of the weeks. If desired, arrangements for credit at a home institution may be made in advance.

The new third week on data analytics will cover how to handle large datasets using academy- and industry-standard toolboxes, how to integrate data into the construction of models and analysis relevant to research and industry applications, and a variety of visualization techniques.

The courses are intended for faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, professionals and others who would like to gain an understanding of complexity science and data analytics for their respective fields, new research directions, or industry applications.

The schedule for the summer school is as follows:
  • Week 1: June 5-9unJCX201: Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems
  • Lab 1: June 11 CX102: Computer Programming for Complex Systems
  • Week 2:  June 12-16 CX202: Building Models and Mapping Networks
  • Lab 2: June 18 CX103: Setting up for Data Analytics
  • Week 3: June 19-23 CX203: From Data to Insight Using Data Analytics

Register before April 1 for an early registration discount. For more information, go to:


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