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Wednesday, February 1

Journal of Academic Life

Heading into academia through graduate school can be a tough path. Amidst the study designs, meetings, paper writing, abstract writing, grant writing, data analysis, experiments, failure, repetition, comprehensive/qualifying exams, etc., one still needs to consider their research interests now, where to take them, the dynamics of their current and future lab, whether or not to post-doc, where to post-doc, how many post-docs to do, how many is too much, academia or industry, etc. It's a lot, and many find that the resources aren't always available when and where you need them. 

The pressure of this often takes its effects on the mental health of both staff and students, and many find it's difficult to discuss these issues without jeopardizing how others see you as an academic.

We have created The Journal of Academic Life (www.jacadlife.com) to provide resources and an anonymous discussion board to allow academics to support other academics of all standings in their struggles through the profession. Whether you need a small laugh, some guidance on the next steps, or to anonymously reach out to the community for assistance, you should be able to find helpful resources here to do so. 

In academia, it's not always to publish or perish, but to persevere.

J Acad Life