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Friday, January 13

This winter, ELI and SLC, the Science Learning Center, offer undergraduates and international GSIs in LSA science fields a unique opportunity: co-mentoring. What is co-mentoring? Both the GSI and the undergraduate mentor one another, getting together weekly during the Winter term. 

GSIs in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, and Statistics
  • practice real-world English language,
  • explore teaching and learning with a student
  • learn about undergraduate culture, and 
  • explore their co-mentor's cultural context  
Undergraduate peer tutors and study group facilitators in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
  • gain intercultural competence, 
  • explore teaching and learning with a GSI
  • improve their knowledge of a STEM content-area, and 
  • gain insight into the experience of being a graduate student in a STEM field. 
Plus, co-mentors develop fast friendships.

Apply now! Applications due Friday January 20

To apply, click here.