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Thursday, January 19

Museum Studies Graduate certificate

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Graduate Students:
·       Are you interested in learning about museums from a perspective that integrates theory with practice?
·      Would you like to work in a museum one day?
·      Or do you study museums and related institutions, heritage, or related topics as part of your scholarship?

The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program may be for you 
Come learn more about our program at an informal “meet and greet” with MSP faculty.

Tuesday January 24, 2017
4-5:30 PM
Museum of Art Multipurpose Room (Rm. 125)

(Applications due Feb 24, 2017, for information visit
or email ummsp@umich.edu

Carla M. Sinopoli
Director, Museum Studies Program
Curator of Asian Archaeology and Ethnology, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
Professor, Department of Anthropology

Mailing address:                                       Museum Studies office:

1109 Geddes Ave                                     Museum Studies Program
University of Michigan                               University of Michigan Museum of Art
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079 USA                 525 South State Street
                                                               Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1354 USA

Phone: +1 734 764-0484                           Phone: +1 734 763-0748 or 936-6678
Fax:     +1 734 763-7783                           Fax:     +1 734 786-0054

                                               email: sinopoli@umich.edu