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Tuesday, January 24

Jobs @ Matthei and Nichols

Hello Katharine,

I'm writing from Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum and I
​ would like ​
to share two job opportunities with your students that we have available this summer.  We are hiring up to 40 Nature Academy Interns and up to 3 Nichols Arboretum Caretakers.  The Nature Academy internship is a paid position where students can do everything from work on the Campus farm, to host weddings in the Gardens, or perform Natural Areas work.  The Nichols Arboretum Caretaker is a year-round position where students work 10 hours a week in exchange for free housing in the Arb.  They perform routine maintenance and Natural Areas work in the Arb.  
*The Caretaker position is only open to Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students.  Our internships are open to all students and spring graduates.

Here are links to both positions that you are free to share with whomever you think may be interested. 

If I should send these opportunities to someone else in your office, please let me know and I will be sure to reach out to them in the future.

Thank you for sharing!