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Friday, January 6

January ASN Newsletter

06 January 2017
Twitter: @ASNAmNat 

Applications for the Student Research Award due January 31

The ASN Student Research Awards support research by student members that advances the goals of the society: the conceptual unification of ecology, evolution, or behavior. Each award consists of a $2,000 check to the candidate. An applicant must be a member of the ASN (membership is international), must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, must have passed to candidacy in a Ph.D. program or equivalent, and must be at least one year from completing the PhD.

ASN Spotlight Sessions at Evolution 2017: 25 Years of "Sensory Drive" 

In 1992, The American Naturalist published a supplemental issue on the topic of Sensory Drive organized by John Endler.  This issue featured a number of influential papers that emphasized the role of the environment, phylogenetic history, and development on the evolution and functioning of sensory systems. This supplement introduced many ecologists and evolutionary biologists to the intriguing and well-developed topic of sensory ecology.  In this spotlight session, we will consider the role of sensory drive as a guiding framework in ecological and evolutionary studies of signals/sensory systems over the past 25 years, and the extent to which it serves as a useful framework going forward.
Spotlight sessions have 5 minute lightning talks and 14 minute presentations. More information on how to submit soon! 
For information on Spotlight Sessions, see 

Sesquicentennial Year for The American Naturalist

In the January 2017 issue, see the original cover design from 1867, theIntroductory from the first issue (see where the Snail came from!), theletter from Editor-in-Chief Judie Bronstein about heading into the next 150 years, and check out a great issue (including a memoriam toRobert Paine and a synthesis by Jablonski et al. (lay summary here). 

Save the Date:

ASN Stand-Alone Meeting in Asilomar,January 5-9, 2018

Come help celebrate 150 years of The American Naturalist! We will be holding a stand-alone meeting January 5-9, 2018, at the Asilomar Conference Center in California. This spectacular ocean-side venue is a perfect place to contemplate the intersection of great science with fascinating natural history. Because of the size of the venue, attendance will be capped, so stay tuned for announcements.

Recent topics in The American Naturalist 

The editors are posting subject area lists of papers from recent issues on the blog at comments.amnat.org

Upcoming Meetings

June 23-27, 2017Evolution 2017, Portland, Oregon (ASN/SSE/SSB)
January 5-9, 2018ASN Stand-Alone Meeting, Asilomar
"The late Ilkka Hanski's book, Messages from Islands, mixes personal and the scientific to provide intricate details of island ecology and evolution." Nature review

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