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Thursday, January 26

AWIS Mentoring Circles

The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) affiliate chapter at U-M would like to welcome you to join the AWIS Mentoring Circles for Winter 2017!

Eligibility is simple: show an investment in promoting the success of women in science! The mentoring circles are open to any undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers interested in joining a group to:
1.      Provide and receive mentorship within a network of people in different stages of their research career
2.      Discuss issues or experiences of gender bias in STEM
3.      Discuss ways of empowering women in STEM

To participate, fill out the attached application so we can match members based on common research interests and goals. 
The application is due to MichiganAWIS.Membership@gmail.com by Feb 3rd @ midnight. 

Send any questions to MichiganAWIS.Membership@gmail.com. We look forward to your involvement!