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Wednesday, December 7

STEM Grad Program Survey

Dear STEM Graduate Student,
My name is Kristine J. Olson, PhD and I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist at Dixie State University in Utah. I am conducting research on why male and female graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics related fields (STEM) choose to enter specific jobs post-doctorate graduation.
As such, I am asking that you complete the confidential survey that is can be accessed through this link:
By completing this survey, you will be entered into a random drawing to win an Amazon.com gift certificate (1 $20 card for each 20 completed surveys).
Survey topics include:
  • Mentoring by your PhD adviser
  • Satisfaction with your graduate program
  • Job benefits and geographical characteristics you would expect of your future employer
  • Your opportunities to engage in publishable research as a graduate students
  • How you have or plan to manage work and family responsibilities
The data gathered from this survey will serve a few purposes:
  • Publication at national conferences
  • Publication in academic journals
  • Pilot data that can be used to generate grant opportunities
  • Inform the general scientific community about how to retain men and women graduate students in STEM careers
I appreciate your willingness to participate in this research that is specifically aimed at your experience in STEM graduate school and your future careers. The research has been reviewed by the Dixie State University Institutional Review Board (IRB).
Kristine J. Olson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dixie State University
225 South University Avenue
Saint George, Utah 84770