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Tuesday, November 22

New Sci-Comm Course for PhD Candidates: Professional Research Presentation (PIBS 721), Winter 2017

New Course Announcement for PhD Candidates, Winter 2017

PIBS 721 • Professional Research Presentation 

Winter 2017  •  Mondays & Wednesdays, 3-5 pm  •  3 credits

Course Directors: Elyse Aurbach, PhD;

Ask any recently graduated PhD, or any employer of science PhDs in research, industry, teaching, business, law/policy, writing, consulting, etc.:
Science Communication is a top-ranked skill by employers of science PhDs in all fields. Professional communication skills are more important than ever, both inside and outside of academia. The ability to communicate the central ideas behind your science—and the excitement of your latest findings—makes you a more desirable job candidate.
PIBS 721, Professional Research Presentation, is a brand-new course designed for PhD candidates in the life sciences.  

The course builds skills in written, visual, and oral communication, focusing mainly on professional presentations of scientific research. 

Students will create and present the following products, based on their own research:
  • an “elevator pitch” for networking
  • an abstract (and a visual abstract)
  • a poster
  • a “data blast” mini-talk
  • a 15-minute research talk
Students will build the following skills:
  • adapting your presentation to the audience
  • crafting a key take-away idea
  • building a narrative for your talk
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • using Adobe Illustrator to create your own schematics
  • giving and receiving feedback

About the course co-directors: 
Elyse Aurbach, a recent graduate of the U-M Neuroscience Graduate Program, is the co-founder and co-director of the RELATE program, which teaches lay-audience science communication and engagement. She won the “Three-Minute Thesis” competition in 2014.  
Scott Barolo, an Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology and the Director of PIBS, has given talks on presenting research to many trainee groups since 2009. He won an EBS Teaching Award in 2013.
The fine print: 
If you're curious about PIBS 721, feel free to contact Scott. The course is designed for PhD candidates, but we may make exceptions for other trainees. Course enrollment is capped at 25 so that all students will have the chance to present their research in multiple formats, so if you’re interested, register soon! We can’t accept auditors, due to the interactive, hands-on format of the course.