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Friday, September 2

[CSCAR] Consulting and servicees available in statistics, data science and research computing

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Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides consulting services and training opportunities in statistics,
data science, and advanced research computation.

CSCAR is offering workshops this coming semester on topics including Statistics: A Review, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Analysis with R, Data Science
Skills, and High Performance Computing (HPC). A full listing of CSCAR workshops being offered this coming semester is available on our website.

Individual consulting services are also available in the following areas:


 ●    Data analysis
 ●     Basic and advanced statistical methods
 ●     Statistical software support
 ●     Geospatial analysis including Geographic Information Systems
 ●     Design, analysis, interpretation and communication for research studies involving data

Data Science

 ●     Large-scale data processing and management
 ●     Efficient computation with data
 ●     Scraping, aggregating and integrating data

Research Computation

 ●     HPC code optimization
 ●     Adapting scientific codes to parallel environments
 ●     Making efficient use of HPC resources

The addition of resources focused on computation and data science represents a significant expansion of CSCAR’s scope aimed ataddressing
the growing use of these tools across campus. Please see this University Record article for more information.

Visit the CSCAR web page cscar.research.umich.edu for additional information, and to schedule individual consultation sessions.
Questions can be directed to cscar@umich.edu.