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Tuesday, August 16

University of Michigan International Institute

Do you have international or area study interests?

The University of Michigan International Institute (II) houses 17 centers and programs focused on specific world regions and global themes. Our centers rank among the nation’s finest in their respective fields of study and bring together faculty experts from across the U-M campus.  We are looking for students who have an interest in, or wish to focus on a particular world region or country, as part of their studies or for their own enrichment.

Benefits of connecting with our Centers:
  • Graduate student email lists for information on each Center's activities, lectures, events, job news, conferences, funding opportunities, etc.
  • Course lists for the various regions or countries of interest.
  • Certificate in Graduate Studies programs focusing on some regions, open to students from any graduate program to enhance your current area of study
  • Invitations to special events where you can connect with other students and faculty from around the University who have the same regional interests.
 Please note that programs and benefits vary from Center to Center. 

If you would like to learn more about the programs available through the II centers, please click here and fill out the response form.  We would appreciate hearing from you, preferably by September 15.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes for the upcoming year,
The International Institute Graduate Team

Julie Burnett, Beth Dutridge-Corp & Ann Takata
Graduate Academic Services & FLAS
University of Michigan International Institute
1080 South University, Suite 2660, Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1106
734.763.4528 | ii-gradadvising@umich.edu | www.ii.umich.edu 
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