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Wednesday, August 17

Program Lead for Peer Mentorship Program

Any chance you know of a current grad student who might be interested in helping out with a new Science Learning Center (SLC) program this fall? The SLC will be offering a Peer Mentorship Program for incoming (or second-year) students who aspire to major in a science-related discipline.We’re seeking a grad student to serve as a Program Lead for the program, with an average of 5-7 hours work per week. If you know of a potential program lead for this program, please point them our way. The position is posted here: https://studentemployment.umich.edu/JobXJobDetail.aspx?JobId=34063&s=1 

Here are a few more details from the job posting:

The Science Learning Center (SLC) will be launching a science interest Mentorship Program in Fall 2016. The Mentorship Program will offer new, aspiring undergraduate science students the opportunity to be paired in a structured mentor-mentee relationship with a junior or senior student who has already been successful at navigating the path to a science major at the UM. We are seeking a current graduate student to serve as the program lead. The program lead will work closely with SLC professional staff to recruit, train and supervise a corps of up to ten undergraduate students who will serve as peer mentors. Mentors and mentees will meet in-person weekly and mentees will have the opportunity to participate in Mentorship Program monthly events. The program lead will also help promote the Mentorship Program among potential undergraduate mentees who will be recruited from first and second-year students with an interest in the sciences, but who may be experiencing unexpected challenges as they work to transition to university life and to meet the requirements for a science-related major. Undergraduates who are not already part of a learning community or mentorship program will be especially targeted. The program lead will also help plan and facilitate programming including arranging for on-campus and off-campus events such as lectures, panels, field trips, learning strategies workshops, etc.

Thanks for helping us get the word out about the opening and also about the new program. Do let us know if you have any questions, ideas, comments. Contact us at slcmentorship@umich.edu


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