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Wednesday, April 27

Join RELATE's Communication Fundamentals Workshop

Do you want to more effectively communicate your research?

This summer, Rackham Graduate School and the RELATE team invite you to participate in the RELATE communication training workshop for STEM researchers. If you are interested in improving your communication skills and engaging in scientific communication to lay-audiences, then the RELATE workshop is for you! Here are details of what you will gain during the 6 week Communication Fundamentals Workshop:
  • Learn effective communication techniques in order to talk with lay-audiences about your research
  • Build a polished elevator pitch and a short lay-audience style talk on an area of interest in your field
  • Make a video of your talk that you can share as part of a professional portfolio (on social media, LinkedIn, etc.) 
If you are a graduate student with a defined research project and are interested in participating in RELATE, please attend one of our required information sessions:
Required Information Sessions (and registration links):
4-5 pm on Tuesday, May 10 in the Rackham Amphitheatre 
To Register:  https://secure.rackham.umich.edu/Events/wsreg.php?ws_id=361
10-11 am on Wednesday, May 11 in Lurie Engineering Center: 
To Register:  https://secure.rackham.umich.edu/Events/wsreg.php?ws_id=362

The information sessions will cover more details regarding the RELATE Communication Fundamentals Workshop itself and the application process. The Communication Fundamentals Workshop will be followed in late summer by the Advanced Oral Communication Workshop. Further details about this will also be provided at the information sessions. If you have any questions about the workshop or the information sessions, please e-mail us at RELATE.coordinators@umich.edu. We hope to see you on May 10th or 11th!
More about RELATE:
RELATE is a science communication training and public engagement organization that facilitates conversations between researchers and local communities. During our practice-based workshops, graduate students and early career researchers develop lay-audience communication skills and create an original portfolio of digital media and oral presentations. Workshop participants then put their communication skills into action and engage with Southeastern Michigan communities both online and through our public engagement events. You can also visit us at www.learntoRELATE.org!