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Wednesday, April 27

BMC Ecology image competition - open to all ecologists!

To the University of Michigan Ecology Department,
The annual BMC Ecology image competition is accepting submissions through May 29, and I just wanted to reach out again and encourage students and ecologists in your department to submit their images! We have an expert panel of judges that will award a $400 grand prize.

The competition is very popular, encourages creativity and highlights the research of ecologists worldwide.

Attached is a flyer with the details if you would like to post or distribute it within your department, or check this link for further information: http://bmcecol.biomedcentral.com/imagecomp2016-page

The competition closes May 29, and provides an opportunity to win cash prizes, be featured in the journal, and possibly receive international media attention – past competitions have been picked up by Scientific AmericanIBT TimesBBC and The Guardian.

Please let me know if you have any questions – this is a very fun event and I look forward to receiving submissions from Michigan ecologists!