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Tuesday, March 29

Summer School on Non-invasive Monitoring of Hormones, 23 – 28 October 2016, Pretoria, South Africa

Non-invasive monitoring of hormones has become an increasingly popular approach to study basic endocrinology of zoo and wildlife species. The benefits associated with using excreta as hormone matrix are that sampling does not require restraint or anesthesia like blood collection. However, species-specific hormone metabolization patterns require verification of appropriate immunoassays for measuring the relevant metabolites.
The University of Pretoria, the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, and  the University of Osnabrueck would like to invite graduate and postgraduate students as well as researcher to participate in the

Summer School on Non-invasive Monitoring of Hormones
which will take place in the Endocrine Research Laboratory, University of Pretoria, South Africa from

23-28 October 2016.

The program is conducted in English. Course registration fee is 450 Euro per person. The course is limited to 14 participants. The registration fee covers expenses for all instructions, laboratory supplies, use of equipment, lab manuals, meals and accommodation for 5 nights. Vacancies will be filled on a "first come, first serve" basis.

For more information please contact:Prof. A. Ganswindt
University of Pretoria
South Africa
Email: Andre.Ganswindt@up.ac.za
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Dr. Martin Dehnhard
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW)
10315 Berlin
E-mail: dehnhard@izw-berlin.de
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