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Tuesday, March 8

Graduate Leadership Crisis Challenge

We want YOU to compete in the 2016 Graduate Leadership Crisis Challenge! Registration is open for a limited time and you won't want to miss this opportunity! Imagine you and all your friends, at the Big House, competing for $3,000- what's not to like?
The Challenge will take place on March 24-25 at the Big House (Jack Roth Stadium Club-Michigan Stadium)! 
The Crisis Challenge is a premier, action-based learning experience, pioneered by Ross, that will immerse you in a simulated business and media crisis. Participants play the part of senior executives tasked with responding to the crisis as it unfolds, and present their strategy to a board of directors, journalists, and the public. You will have an opportunity to work with a diverse team, building your communication, analytical, and strategic thinking skills, all while maintaining composure and poise in a tense situation.
The first stage takes place at the Ross School of Business beginning at 5PM on March 24th, and lasts until approximately 11PM. The second and third stages take place at Michigan Stadium on March 25th from 9-5PM. There, you'll have an opportunity to take part in the challenge and explore the Stadium like never before. 
Who can compete: The Crisis Challenge is open to graduate students from all disciplines; so invite all your friends!
Prizes: 1st place $3,000, 2nd place $2,000 prize, 3rd place $1,000
Team Formation: Teams will be formed at the kickoff on March 24th. Participants will be able to choose their teammates. Teams will consist of 4 to 5 members.
Please use this form to sign up by March 17th 5PM to guarantee your spot at the Big House. 
Info Session: If you are not sure about what the Leadership Crisis Challenge is or have questions, please come to an information session this TUESDAY, MARCH 8th, 2016 from 7:15PM to 8:30PM in Munger G120 (Multipurpose Room in the Lower Level). Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served.
There will be a networking After Party Reception at the Munger Graduate Residence on Thursday, March 25 for students who sign up!
For more information, please visit https://michiganross.umich.edu/sanger/crisis-challenge. Email evamarie@umich.edu if you have any questions.
The Leadership Crisis Challenge is made possible by the generous support of PNC Bank.
We hope to see you there. Go Blue!