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Tuesday, March 8

Announcement of Anticipated Position at USDA APHIS PPQ

Anticipated Position Opening

Supervisory Agriculturist

Associate Executive Director


APHIS PPQ will be seeking energetic, qualified and capable applicants for the position of Associate

Executive Director.  The position is with the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant

Protection and Quarantine, Science and Technology (S&T) Executive Director’s Office in Raleigh, NC.

S&T provides scientific support for PPQ regulatory programs, decisions and operations, primarily

through the Center for Plant Health Science & Technology (CPHST).  S&T is responsible for ensuring

that PPQ has the information, tools and technology to make the most scientifically valid regulatory and

policy decisions possible. In addition, S&T ensures PPQ's operations have the most scientifically viable

and practical tools for pest exclusion, detection, and management. The AED participates in overall

planning, coordination, and direction of APHIS’s plant health programs. The ideal candidate has

demonstrated proficiency in a number of competencies: Accountability, Conflict Management,

Developing Others, Human Capital Management and Leveraging Diversity. Overall, the ideal candidate


• Broad experience in the agricultural and natural sciences with a focus on pest and disease management,

regulatory programs and crafting or supporting policy.

• Experience or training in program strategic planning, business planning, organizational development

and management, project management or public administration.

• Experience managing a large number of critical or emerging, high visibility agricultural programs


• Experience communicating scientific advice, policy recommendations and technical information to

governmental agencies, academia, or key public interest groups.

• Experience planning and managing the use of resources to meet immediate and long-term objectives or

performing the necessary decision-making and problem solving required for program execution.

• Experience managing and working with program leaders and staff in scientific program administration,

budget and resource planning, and personnel management.

• Experience in representing and advocating organizational viewpoints within the organization and to

external stakeholders.

This position is anticipated to be announced by late spring 2016 and can be found on

WWW.USAJOBS.COM.  For more information about CPHST, see:


To be notified of imminent announcement off this position, please provide your email address to


APHIS’ Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) is responsible for safeguarding U.S. agriculture and natural resources against

the entry, establishment, and spread of economically and environmentally significant pests, and facilitates the safe trade of

agricultural products..  APHIS is also an emergency response agency. Any Agency employee may be asked or assigned to

participate in rotating temporary duty assignments away from their assigned duty station to support emergency programs at

some time during their careers with APHIS.

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer and prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the

basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status,

religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or a part of an individual's income is

derived from any public assistance program.