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Friday, February 19

ES George scholarship announcement

There are funds available to support graduate student research at the E. S. George

Reserve this year.  We anticipate being able to award ES George Scholarship(s) of

$1,000-6,000 (with larger amounts possible under exceptional circumstances) in the

form of a lump-sum payment that may be used to carry out the proposed research.

To be eligible for an award, a graduate student must have been admitted to

candidacy. Students will be asked to provide a final report of their research and

provide updates on any publications or discoveries that arise. Questions about the

Scholarships may be directed to Christopher Dick (cwdick@umich.edu).

Nominations must include the following:

1. A letter of nomination from the chair or co-chair of the dissertation committee

including information on the student's research potential and achievements,

progress on his or her dissertation research, and the significance and feasibility

of the project.

2. A concise proposal for the research, generally not exceeding 2 pages.

3. A detailed budget for this research.

4. A curriculum vitae.

Applications will be accepted in EEB’s Graduate Office (Cindy Carl, cacarl@umich.edu)

until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26th.  Students should submit Items 2-4 to Cindy

electronically, as one pdf document.  Advisor nomination letters may be sent separately,

electronically, if possible.  The E. S. George Reserve Advisory Committee will then

evaluate applications.  An announcement of awards will be made in mid-March.