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Monday, January 4

Temporary Grader Position

Hello current EEB and Anthro Grad Students!

A temporary grader position is available for Winter 2016 term.

Psych 335 Intro to Animal Behavior

Up to 60 Grader hours are available for this class. Pay is $22.00/hour. The selected applicant will be responsible for grading class materials on an "as needed" basis throughout the term for Professor Thore Bergman.  Responsibilities include grading short answer questions on three exams and grading student research projects and poster presentations. 

Psych 335 Course Description:    This course is an introduction to the evolutionary study of Animal Behavior. This class will provide an opportunity for students to learn about behavior from a biological perspective. We will start by reviewing evolution and natural selection. The remainder of the course looks at why animals behave the way they do in nature, focusing on causes of behavior. We will address immediate (or “proximate”) causes of behavior including genetic, neural, and hormonal influences on behavior. However, the main emphasis of the course will be on “ultimate” (or long-term) causes of behavior. Thus, we will look at behavior primarily in relation to an animal’s fitness or success. Topics covered will include foraging, habitat selection, mating systems, sexual selection, communication, and cognition. Emphasis will also be on learning how scientists study behavioral questions, including how to test adaptive hypotheses. Finally, written assignments will focus on scientific writing, stressing clarity and simplicity.