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Tuesday, November 10

U-M COP21 delegation seeking Ground Control team

Hello again, climate enthusiasts!

Still looking for a way to connect to global climate negotiations, but missed our first meeting?  This message is a notification/reminder that the Ground Control team associated with U-M’s UNFCCC-COP21 delegation will hold its second general meeting Wednesday 11 Nov, 17:00-1800, in Dana 3038.

Ground Control sub-teams are already hard at work on projects including developing a delegation agenda/interview schedule, building connections with U-M and Ann Arbor community groups, and planning what output will be generated.  This week, we’ll communicate across sub-teams and make sure our goals align.  We’ll also talk about the official launch to U-M’s COP21 participation.

New student members are welcome at Wednesday’s meeting, or can contact Lizz Ultee (ehultee@umich.edu) for more information.  

Faculty and staff interested in learning more about the negotiations or the delegation’s involvement are encouraged to contact community connections coordinator Samantha Basile (sjbasile@umich.edu).

See you Wednesday!
All the best,
U-M COP21 delegation