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Tuesday, November 3

Two open positions in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School

A job posting sent to Trisha Wittkopp:
I’m writing to ask for your help in identifying excellent candidates for two Assistant Professor positions in my Department, listed here: https://academicpositions.harvard.edu/postings/6429.  The search is an open one, but I’m personally keen to find people working on quantitative aspects of evolution, especially of gene regulation.  Given your amazing research in this area, I am hoping that you can either pass on this message to someone who would be appropriate, or forward me information on a candidate whom we should encourage to apply.  I am also happy to answer questions from potential candidates. 

Our Department is an excellent place to work and to do interdisciplinary research.  Almost all groups in the department include both a “wet” and a “dry” component, leading to a high level of general understanding of mathematical and computational approaches, coupled with a drive to answer biological questions in a quantitative way.   We are located in the heart of Harvard Medical School, with outstanding experimental facilities, and share a graduate program with the Harvard University undergraduate campus, providing connections to the quantitative scientists in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the FAS Center for Systems Biology. 

We are also a friendly and supportive department (especially compared to Harvard’s general, not entirely deserved, reputation!) and we do our best to support faculty with families.  We are very keen to identify both female and minority candidates, and we would very much appreciate it if you would put extra thought into the question of whether you know anyone qualified in either of these categories.

Hope we run into each other again soon.  

All the best,
Angela DePace, PhD
Department of Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School
(617) 432-7410

200 Longwood Avenue
Warren Alpert 452
Boston, MA 02115