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Friday, November 20

STEM funding and research opportunities on PathwaysToScience.org

Once again, we are enlisting your help in connecting students with STEM funding and opportunities -- such as paid summer research, graduate fellowships, and graduate programs. 
Please announce these opportunities in any classes or at presentations you may be making, and forward or post the links below in this email -- as you deem appropriate. 
Paid Summer 2016 Undergraduate Research Placements: 
Over 800 programs -- NSF REU, NASA and other paid summer research opportunities for undergrads 
For Financial Support in Graduate School: 
Fellowships and graduate programs in a wide variety of STEM disciplines: 
For tips on applying and associated resources: 
For opportunities specifically in the Ocean Sciences: 
For opportunities specifically in Engineering: 
Thanks and best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, 
Liv Detrick 
Institute for Broadening Participation 
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IBP’s mission is to increase diversity in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce. We design and implement strategies to increase access to STEM education, funding, and careers, with special emphasis on reaching underserved communities and diverse underrepresented groups. www.PathwaysToScience.org makes it easy for faculty and administrators to access resources that can assist them in their efforts to reduce barriers to participation, create environments rich in the positive factors that support student success on the STEM pathway, and conduct outreach to underserved communities and underrepresented groups by implementing recruitment and retention strategies that broaden participation and increase diversity.