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Monday, November 2

NECSI Winter School - Guest Lecturers

NECSI Winter School
Guest Lecturers - Sandy Pentland and Blake LeBaron

NECSI is pleased to welcome two guest lecturers to the upcoming Winter School held January 4-15, Sandy Pentland from MIT and Blake LeBaron from Brandeis University.

Alex 'Sandy' Pentland is the Toshiba Professor of Media, Arts, and Sciences at MIT where he directs the MIT Human Dynamics Lab and the Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program. He is among the most-cited computational scientists in the world, and is a pioneer in computational social science, organizational engineering, wearable computing, image understanding, and modern biometrics. In 2012 Forbes named Pentland one of the 'seven most powerful data scientists in the world', along with Google founders and the CTO of the United States. His research has been featured in Nature, Science, and Harvard Business Review, as well as being the focus of TV features on BBC World, Discover and Science channels. He is the author of Social Physics: How Ideas Turn Into Actions and Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World.

Blake LeBaron is the Abram L. and Thelma Sachar Chair of International Economics at the International Business School of Brandeis University. He is also a Research Associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research. He builds artificial stock markets with simulated computer traders. His research has concentrated on the issue of nonlinear behavior of financial and macroeconomic time series. He is a specialist in high-technology finance and his research involves empirical and theoretical studies of asset market behavior including domestic and international financial markets. At Brandeis, his courses include risk management and forecasting. He is the co-author of Computational Finance (MIT Press).

Both speakers will be guests during the 1st week, CX201.


The schedule of the winter school is as follows:

Week 1: January 4-8 CX201: Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems

Lab: January 10 CX102: Computer Programming and Complex Systems

Week 2: January 11-15 CX202: Complex Systems Modeling and Networks

Early Registration Discount Until November 16http://necsi.edu/education/school.html.