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Monday, November 2

Math GSI Position Available

We have a GSI position available for Winter 2016: Math 489-Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers. 

Math 489 is the second in a required two-semester sequence taken by all prospective elementary education students. The course will have two sections; section one meets MW 12:00-1:30; section two meets MW1:30-3:00. The students are a diverse group and their needs are intense. It is anticipated that the GSI will work closely with the instructor on all facets of the course in order to help meet student needs.

Duties include but are not limited to the following: review instructor's syllabus and plans for each lesson; help to construct exams; attend all classes, assist as necessary; prepare and deliver some lessons; hold one office hour per week; grading of homework and exams; meet with instructor regularly; administrative tasks (copying, etc.)

This is a 50% GSI position. The anticipated workload is 16.5 -20 hours per week. You can find more information on qualifications and view/apply to the position here: http://umjobs.org/job_detail/117467/math_489_grad_stu_instr_winter_term