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Tuesday, October 13

Volunteers Needed Ecology Outreach Activity Nov 2 and 4

We are giving two ecology workshops to middle-schoolers at the Peace Neighborhood Center (Nov. 2 and 4) and we need your help!

The Peace Center is located in Ann Arbor and provides several programs for low-income families in the area. One of these programs is after school tutoring and activities for middle school kids. We will be offering two workshops on ecology of insects and plants as part of this program on Monday, November 2 and Wednesday November 4 from 4:00-5:30pm

Volunteers will facilitate the activities in small groups (4-5 students). The main goal of the workshops is to expose the students to biology/ ecology and opportunities in the field, as well as sharing with them some general understanding of the natural history of plants and insects. Basically get them excited about ecology! 

Below are more details. We will provide guidelines for facilitating the activity to volunteers before the event. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form

General discussion points: ​
November 2: Flowering Plants
Plant life cycle
Parts of the flower and functions, comparing different flowers 
Importance of pollination 
How do we get fruits and vegetables

November 4: Insects
​What is an insect? 
Differentiate between insects and other invertebrates (e.g., spiders)
Role of insects in pollination

Most of the activities are being planned indoors. Mostly bringing specimens and collections in along with some microscopes. But if the weather permits we can utilize the outdoor space for the event.