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Wednesday, October 14

CPB Postdoc Fellowship recruitment

The CPB Postdoc Fellowship recruitment has started - please help us find the best candidates for this position by spreading the word through your professional networks.  I will post it to Ecolog and Evoldir, and an ad is being sent to Science.  However, direct encouragement from us is often the best way to get the top candidates to apply.

Here is the link to the recruitment website: http://cpb.ucdavis.edu/CPB%20Postdoc%20Fellowship.html  

The position will open in the next couple of day.  The application deadline is December 1.  The search committee will meet during the first week of December, and the interview list will be finalized by the end of the fall quarter.  The interviews will take place between early January and early February.
Thank you very much,

Artyom Kopp
Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution
Director, Center for Population Biology
University of California - Davis
One Shields Ave
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office (530) 752-8657
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