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Thursday, September 17

NEW! Co-Mentoring opportunity for international graduate students (Mon 9/21 application deadline)

New ELI-SLC Co-Mentoring Program
for Undergraduates and International GSIs in LSA Science and Math Departments
(Apply by Monday September 21)

LSA’s English Language Institute (ELI) and Science Learning Center (SLC) seek enthusiastic, engaged international GSIs and SLC peer tutors or study group facilitators to work together as co-mentors in this innovative co-curricular program.

Co-mentoring brings together pairs of individuals who play different roles in the same or similar fields to support one another and share their different perspectives on the same issues. The ELI-SLC Co-Mentoring Program pairs international GSIs in LSA science & math courses with undergraduates who are working with the SLC as peer tutors or study group facilitators supporting courses in these same fields.  

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Meet Past Co-Mentors and hear about their experiences in this video:

Co-mentors benefit from sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience with each other. They participate in an intercultural experience which crosses international/domestic and graduate/undergraduate boundaries, thus contributing to a more positive campus climate in which diversity and difference of viewpoints and experience are valued and celebrated.  
  • International GSIs fields enjoy real-world English language practice, learn about US culture, and increase their understanding of the perspective of the US undergraduates they are teaching.  
  • Undergraduate peer tutors and study group facilitators gain intercultural competence, improve their knowledge of a STEM content-area, and gain insight into the experience of being a graduate student in a STEM field.

The ELI-SLC Co-Mentoring Program is a voluntary experience intended to foster fun, collaborative, informal relationships which enrich the experience and life of all participants and provide them with a unique personal and professional development experience. It does not constitute job training for either GSI or peer facilitator/tutor roles.

For more information, see this program description.

Application deadline: Monday September 21, 2015. To apply, click here.

Opening orientation meeting: 6-7:30pm on Wednesday, September 30 at the English Language Institute (ELI)