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Tuesday, July 7

Apply to the Translational Research Education Certificate (TREC) program

Apply by July 31 for Admission in Fall 2015

"TREC allowed me to see the face of the person afflicted with a disease, and that gave me the motivation -- the what I'm doing means something -- for my research."

Jhansi is a Microbiology & Immunology PhD student enrolled in the TREC program. Jhansi benefits from specialized courses in translational research and the expertise of a co-mentor who is a clinical/translational researcher. Learn more about Jhansi's story.

TREC is designed for PhD students in basic research programs as a complement to their graduate studies. The program trains students in the principles and practice of translational research to prepare them to become bench to bedside investigators in multidisciplinary, collaborative research settings. The program includes:
  • A course in Translational Pharmacology or Translational Research, PLUS Translational Sciences Journal Club (present a paper with an expert clinician)
  • Engage in translational research within your PhD program with expertise from a clinical/translational research co-mentor
Talk with your PhD mentor to see if TREC is right for you.

Three $5000 scholarships are available for Fall 2015 admissions.

Want more information? Contact: 
Donna Shewach, PhD, Faculty Lead, TREC Program


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