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Tuesday, May 26

M.S. in Post-Secondary Science Education

Good morning!

My name is Leah Bricker and I am an assistant professor of science education in the school of education. I coordinate the Master's in Post-Secondary Science Education degree here in the SOE.

Gina Hedberg was kind enough to add me to this listserv (thank you, Gina) so that I could provide you with some additional information about this degree. Because I am involved in many discussions and collaborations about how to best support science teacher education, Gina thought this list might be a good place for me to start re: letting you know about this degree track.

The M.S. degree I reference was dreamed up and implemented by Brian Coppola (Chemistry) and Joe Krajcik (formerly in the SOE). When Joe left Michigan and I accepted my current position, I was asked to coordinate this M.S. degree and revamp it. Here is the revised course planning sheet. In addition, the website for the degree is: http://www.soe.umich.edu/academics/masters_programs/psse/

The degree is for any current PhD student in the sciences who also wants to earn a Master's degree in post-secondary science education. 

I wanted you to know about this in case you know of any interested students in your departments. I'm happy to talk with any of you about this in more detail, and I am happy to speak with any interested students.

Thank you!