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Monday, May 4

GSI position for Math 385 - Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School teachers

A GSI position available for Fall 2015: Math 385-Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers. Strong math content knowledge is an important qualification for this GSI position

In Fall 2015, Math 385 will have two sections: MW 1:00-2:30 and MW 2:30-4:00. The core material in Math 385 is numbers and operations, place value, and fractions. Central objectives of the course include supporting students in using the meaning of numbers and operations in order to understand and justify why computational procedures work, and encouraging the development of problem solving skills.

The GSI will work closely with the instructor on all facets of the course in order to help meet student needs. Duties include but are not limited to the following: collaborate with instructor to revise worksheets and homework; contribute exam problems and help edit exams; attend classes to help facilitate group work; prepare and deliver some lessons; hold three office hours per week; assist with grading of homework and exams; meet with instructor regularly; administrative tasks (copying, etc.).

This is a 50% GSI position. The anticipated workload is 16.5 -20 hours per week. You can find more information on qualifications and view/apply to the position here:  http://umjobs.org/job_detail/109556/grad_stu_instr_math_385-fall

If you have questions after reviewing the posting, please direct them to math-gsi-applications@umich.edu