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Friday, February 13

UM funding deadlines for internships/service/research abroad this weekend!

[Correction: please note the change in the African Studies deadline to Feb. 15, corrected from last week's message!]

Did you know that U-M provides over two million dollars' funding annually to support internships
​, volunteering​
 and research abroad?

See our PDF that lists the 2015 deadlines to apply for funding offered by many UM units
​ (Kudos to my colleague, Audrey Buswell, for compiling this list).​

Please note that some major deadlines are just around the corner, including:

​ Internship​
, first round - 
THIS Friday ​
Feb. 13
​ (
​only ​
 are eligible​
; need-based--you 
 be an LSA student with financial need--but this funding can be used for any internship, not only the LSA Int'l Internships)​

International Institute's Individually-Developed Fellowships -
Sunday, ​
Feb. 15
​ (
​* continuing​
 students are eligible to appl​y; merit-based)

​International Institute's Alajbecovic Fellowships - Feb. 15(for internships in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, or Bosnia & Herzegovina; merit-based)​

African Studies Center - Feb. 15​ (for internships taking place in Africa; merit-based
​, *all* continuing students going to Africa are eligible​

Ross Global Experience 
, first round - Feb. 15
​ (only Ross students are eligible​)

Wallenberg Summer Travel AwardsFeb. 16
​ (
​merit-based; ​
for community service projects​
​ that embody the ideals of UM alum Raoul Wallenberg; all continuing undergraduates are eligible; additionally, graduate students in health-related fields are eligible​