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Wednesday, February 25

Recruiting students to ICOS Big Data Camp

ICOS Big Data Summer Camp June 1-4 and 11

 Social and organizational life are increasingly conducted online through electronic media, from emails to Twitter feed to dating sites to GPS phone tracking. The traces these activities leave behind have acquired the (misleading) title of “big data.”  It is a good bet that within a few years, a standard part of graduate training in the social sciences will include a hefty dose of “how to make use of big data,” and we will all be throwing around terms like API and Python as we conduct our cyber-ethnographies of Mturk laborers.
    This year ICOS (http://www.icos.umich.edu/) and ARC (http://arc.research.umich.edu/) are again offering a one-week “big data summer camp” for doctoral students interesting in organizational research, with a combination of detailed examples from researchers; hands-on instruction in Python, SQL, and APIs; and group work to apply these ideas to organizational questions.  The dates of the camp are all day June 1-4 and the afternoon of June 11 for group project presentations.  Enrollment is free, but students must commit to attending all day for each day of camp, and be willing to work in interdisciplinary groups.
    To sign up for camp, visit https://ttc.iss.lsa.umich.edu/ttc/sessions/interdisciplinary-committee-on-organizational-studies-icos-big-data-summer-camp/.  Please note that space is limited, and we will be accepting people on a first-come, first-served basis.  There are no pre-requisites, but we will expect all participants to complete some online instruction prior to camp and to bring a laptop to class with all the relevant programs and files loaded and ready.