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Wednesday, February 25

GSCAs in the UM Herbarium

Hi All,

Graduate Student Curatorial Assistantships (GSCAs) are available in the Herbarium to PhD graduate students with candidate status (PLEASE NOTE - the GSCA available for Spring Summer is open to pre-candidates)

The position descriptions are below. If you are interested, please let me know.

Have a great day!


UMH – University of Michigan Herbarium (http://herbarium. lsa.umich.edu/One GSCA position will be available for the fall 2015 semester at 3600 Varsity Drive to assist the curatorial staff in diverse herbarium activities, including databasing, digitization, georeferencing, plant mounting, specimen annotation, and loan transactions.
Contact: Director Paul Berry (peberry@umich.edu) for information.

UMH – University of Michigan Herbarium (http://herbarium.lsa.umich.edu/) in conjunction with UM Museum of Zoology (UMMZ For the spring, summer, and/or fall semesters of 2015, a GSCA position to work on a National Science Foundation funded project that will identify, organize, and digitize plant and animal collections from three joint museum expeditions sponsored by the University of Michigan (the First Geological Survey of Michigan (1830s to 1850s); Joseph Beal Steere (1870s, circumglobal), and Walter Koelz (1930s, Asia). The position will be based at the Herbarium at 3600 Varsity Drive but will probably involve considerable time at the Ruthven Museum on campus at N University Drive. 
Contact: Director Paul Berry (peberry@umich.edu) or Project Manager Mackenzie Caple (mcaple@umich.edu) for information.