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Thursday, January 22

Housing notice for graduate students


Myself and two other friendly graduate students from the UM Earth and Environmental Sciences Department are looking for one, possibly two housemates to live with us in our house at 314 E. Summit Street in Ann Arbor for the coming school year.
-Two rooms are available; one is a good size (rent: $625/mo) and the other is a bit smaller ($500/mo). 
-We pay utilities (around $20/mo per person, though this can fluctuate). 
-The house is within walking distance to campus, Kerrytown, and downtown. 
-We have a long driveway that can fit three cars (see photo), and there is ample street parking.
-If you are a climber we have a plywood bouldering wall in the back of the house (see far back of photo).
-Downstairs: two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a good-sized living room, and a storage shed (where we keep our bikes) that is attached to the kitchen. The smaller bedroom is downstairs (faces east, so it gets good morning sun when the sun is out). 
-Upstairs: three bedrooms, including the available larger room (faces south, but still gets nice light through a large window).
-There is a cat and a snake.
-Casey's Tavern is our next-door neighbor.

We are all very easy to get along with. Please let me know if you're interested in checking the house out.

Lucas Joel, Alyssa Abbey, and Will Bender

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