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Wednesday, December 3

Global Change Position at the University of Florida

My new Department (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation) at the University of Florida is hiring a Global Change Ecologist. I’ve included a link that includes the full job description, but in a nutshell anyone who studies any type of disturbances (climate change, fragmentation, invasive species, etc) for any type of organism (plants, invertebrates, vertebrates) in any type of ecosystem (aquatic, terrestrial, U.S. or abroad) is encouraged to apply. The ad is aimed at the Assistant Professor position, but I have been told that exceptional Associate-level candidates will be entertained. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you can think of who might be interested. There are so many great ecologists at UF and a lot of hiring is currently ongoing. This will be an exciting place for a young (or young-at-heart) ecologist!


S.K. Morgan Ernest
Associate Professor
Utah State University (until summer 2015)
University of Florida (starting summer 2015)