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Tuesday, September 30

Job searches at MSU

Dear Colleagues
>We are running 2 concurrent job searches this year at Michigan State
>First, we are conducting a search for an evolutionary
>developmental biologist. The ad has now been approved and posted on the
>HR website at MSU. I'm attaching a copy; the ad is also available on the
>department website at
>Second, we hope to fill a position in quantitative evolutionary biology
>or ecology. This position has not yet been assigned a job posting
>number, but the position has been approved so that will happen within the
>next few days. Prospective applicants are advised to contact the search
>committee chair (Dr Fred Dyer) next week at eebbsrch@msu.edu to get the
>posting number.
>Thanks very much.
>Kay Holekamp
>Dr. Kay E. Holekamp, PhD
>University Distinguished Professor
>Director, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior
>203 Natural Sciences
>Department of Zoology
>288 Farm Lane
>Michigan State University
>East Lansing, MI, 48824-1115
>Tel: 517-432-3691 Fax: 517-432-2789