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Friday, December 20

SSE Outreach Funding Opportunity

Local and Regional Outreach Promoting the Understanding of Evolutionary Biology

This note is a call for proposals for support for such activities to take place during 2014. It is our hope that these projects will lead to ongoing outreach collaboration in future years. Guidelines for applying for funds to support SSE 2014 outreach projects are as follows:

1.    Clearly but briefly state your plans in NO MORE THAN a single page.
2.    Amounts requested may be up to $800, with additional matching funds clearly indicated. Include letters of commitment from collaborative partners or indicate whom you have approached in this regard.
3.    Send your request by email attachment (subject heading 'SSE Outreach 2014') to Robert Pennock [pennock5@msu.edu] no later than 25 January 2014.
Applications will be ranked by an SSE Education Committee working group according to the following criteria:
1.    Clarity and quality of the proposed activity;
2.    Expected impact in terms of reaching a critical or broad audience;
3.    Evidence, in the form of matching funds, of partnership outside of your immediate academic department;
4.    Indication as to how the project might lead to ongoing outreach collaboration.

We expect to fund in the range of 10-20 applications, with announcement of awards to take place by February 15, 2014. 

Examples of past outreach activities have included public lectures, exhibits, student competitions, and professional development events for teachers.  This year we would especially encourage proposals that focus on discussing and implementing evolution education reforms recommended in the Vision & Change in Undergraduate Biology Education (2011) report or on dialogues between undergraduate instructors and K-12 teachers around the new emphasis on evolution in the AP Biology Curriculum Framework (2012-13) and the Next Generation Science Standards .  We look forward to your applications!

Even if you are not interested in applying for funding from the SSE, we encourage you to engage through whatever means are at your disposal in opportunities to promote public understanding of evolutionary biology.

Robert T. Pennock, On behalf of the SSE Education Committee

SSE Business Office
4475 Castleman Avenue  |  St. Louis Missouri, 63110-3201