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Wednesday, December 4

Environmental Internships at Wayne State University

Please inform your students about internships through RISEUP: Research Internships for a Sustainable Environment with Undergraduate Participation at Wayne State University, sponsored by the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. RISEUP is a 12-week summer research program that will pair qualified undergraduate students with professional mentors to study multiple-stakeholder environmental issues in the Lake St. Clair-Detroit-River-Lake Erie corridor.  Program details, as well as a flyer and application, can be found at http://riseup.med.wayne.edu. Applications are due by February 1st, 2014.

This program is open to non-WSU students and is interdisciplinary in nature, so students from a variety of majors and schools are encouraged to apply. Although the primary focus of RISEUP is on undergraduate internships, information about similar opportunities for graduate students can be obtained from the RISEUP director, Dr. Jeffrey Ram, at riseup@wayne.edu.